No need to shave your legs…

No need to shave your legs…
This post is sponsored by Athleta Harrisburg, PA but all of our thoughts and reviews are SINCERE!

Yes, Sincerely Us Blog does actually blog!  We were training for the Philly Rock N’ Roll half marathon, so training took over along with every other life distraction that could come up and we took a break from blogging. What better way to get back into it than to do a post together! We know, you’re asking “where is the info about how I don’t have to shave my legs” aren’t you? Well, when you run in tights, you don’t really have to shave your legs! Bam! We had an AMAZING opportunity to pick a pair of tights from Athleta to wear on the day of our half marathon. Each of us selected a tight that we liked the most to take out for a “test run”. Our reviews come to you after being worn for about 7 hours on race day –(5am wake up, a stretch sesh, 13.1 miles of exhaustion, the slow walk back to the car, and waiting around as we took turns washing away the sweat). Basically, the BEST and true reviews we could give. Those tights went far past the dressing room!

What’s so great about Athleta, anyway?

  1. Athleta champions women and girls of all shapes and sizes 💜
  2. Workout guarantee – anything you buy from Athleta can be returned even after you workout in them. If you don’t love it, take it back, no questions asked!
  3. Superior quality work out clothes
  4. Awesome on-trend athleisure, casual, and business casual clothing
  5. Free hemming – Sincerely Ho-Jung and Sincerely Amanda will definitely start taking advantage of this service as we fall in the “short girl” category.
  6. Great events in the stores – seminars, workout classes, promotional events, you name it. There is always something going on.
  7. Knowledgeable employees with customer service as their top priority

Before we go on, let’s talk care for workout clothes in general. Do not use a fabric softener when washing or drying your workout clothes. This includes dryer sheets too! Fabric softener will make them stretch, which leads to you adjusting clothing during your workout. We even recommend air drying your workout gear.

On to the tights that each of us selected and what we loved about them!

Dobby Be Free Knicker – Sincerely Megan

Dobby Be Free Knicker, Incline Tank, Fully Focused Bra, Feetures Socks, & Delirious Exhausted Smile. Last bit of energy for jump provided by chocolate milk.

Three members of Sincerely Us Blog are “Dobby Devotees” (Sincerely Amy is mostly a shorts gal). I own 3 pairs of the Dobby Be Free Knickers, and they are all on steady rotation. Why?

1. The Fabric – It feels much thinner than regular spandex. The weight of the fabric is lighter, so it breathes well and they are perfect to wear if you have a weigh-in for a boxing match!

2. The Fit – They offer a little more compression than your average workout legging. I size up in these compared to other tights from Athleta.

3. The Pockets – The handy zip pocket in the back holds credit cards, cash, keys, and your autographed picture of Ryan Reynolds. Plus 2 bonus side pockets that hold a phone, perfect for walks around town or in the grocery store when you are going for that “it looks like I worked out today” look.

These are great for studio workouts, outdoor workouts when it’s warm, or running if you don’t need serious compression in your tights. Trust us, you’ll love them!

Shop Sincerely Megan’s half marathon look:

Dobby Be Free Knicker: Best knickers Philly has seen since Ben Franklin strolled the streets.

Incline Tank: The Goldilocks of tanks… not too tight and not too loose. Available in 6 colors from XXS-XL.

Fully Focused Bra: Medium support for A-C cups. I’m a B/C and felt no pain while running.

Socks: For best results, wash these the same as your workout clothes.

Sonar Capri Stripe – Sincerely Amanda

Sonar Capri Stripe, Power Up Tank, Fully Focused Bra, finished off with a miserable attempt at an Athleta “catelog pose”

1. The Fabric – Compression and moisture wicking that’s smooth to the touch. There are also minimal seams to reduce chafing. Although they are compression and feel substantial, they are breathable. They even have a breathable CoolMax crotch gusset (yes, we sweat there and if you have had babies, you know about that little bit of pee that inevitably creeps out—yes, this helps it dry quick). Maybe too much information, but someone has to talk about it, right? Most of Athleta’s attire is made of “unstinkable” fabric. Again, maybe too much information but after we ran on Sunday morning, I threw my wet clothes in the bottom of my bag and finally got around to taking them out on Monday night at 10pm. Honest-to-goodness, they did not stink! I promise, I did wash them, but I was really amazed.

2. The Fit – Flattering in the bum and legs because of that great compression material. Even with the horizontal, stripes I felt great in these. The waistband sits right below the belly button, it’s comfortable and keeps the tight in place.  There is an adjustable drawstring that has no ends so when you wash, you don’t lose it (genius). The big bonus…the regulars fit me! I’m 5’2″-ish with short legs and they fell at a comfortable length on me.

3. The Pockets – There is a rear zipper pocket that’s great for an ID, cash, or whatever. There is also a hidden key pocket on the waistband.

These tights are perfect for any type of workout and can easily withstand and give support for high impact workouts and running. I need a little compression in running pants, so these were so good for me! There were no adjustments needed during the entire half marathon. Everything sat in place and even though it was hot, these tights didn’t make me feel overheated at all.

Shop Sincerely Amanda’s half marathon look:

Sonar Capri Stripe – Sizes XXS to XL (wearing xs)

Power Up Tank – sizes regular, plus, and tall — Unstinkable!

Stripe Fully Focused Bra – best for cup size A-C

Aura Sonar Capri – Sincerely Ho-Jung

Jumping for joy that she finished and was not last in her aura sonar capris, yogini tank and be bold bralette.

These pants are mid-weight, slick and cool to the touch with a body-hugging feel and so much more….

1. They just look super sleek!

2. The compression fabric helps with holding it all in.

3. There’s a hidden pocket in the back for holding keys and some money.

4. The wide waistband is so comfortable and does not fall down or fold over on the top.

5. The wicking fabric pulls sweat away from the body so it can evaporate faster.

6. The mesh details…not only do the mesh cutouts make the tights look super cool, they allow for ventilation. This fits the bill for a girl who is always hot.

I love these pants so much. They are everything they claimed to be and more. We were hoping for a nice cool morning for the day of the half marathon but it was sticky and humid. These tights were so comfortable the entire time.  By the end of the race, they did not feel sticky at all….the wicking fabric and mesh details kept the moisture away from my body. These will be my regular workout tights for future runs or just going to the gym. And I love the way they look too….super sleek and stylish.

Shop Sincerely Hojung’s half marathon look:

Aura Sonar Capris – regular, tall, petite and plus, lot of other color choices
Top – love the back; so many colors; love the roomy and relaxed fit; longer length covers the bum
Sports Bra – love the back on this as well; best for C – DD cups; amazing coverage and support for bigger chest like myself

Relay Tight 2.0 – Sincerely Amy

Relay Tight 2.0 with Mesh Inversion Tank Top and Sincerely Amy mustering up the strength to take one more step.
  1. The mesh details…not only do the mesh cutouts make the tights look super cool, they allow for ventilation.
  2. These pants are soft, stretchy, and smooth with a rating of UPF 50+.
  3. The wicking in these pants pulls the sweat away from the body so it can evaporate faster.
  4. Each side has a pocket big enough for any sized phone.
  5. These tights come in petite, regular, and tall with sizes from Small to X-Large.
  6. With 63 reviews, these tights scored a 4.5.

I give these tights a 5 star rating. I ran in them on a day that was a little humid. Admittedly, I was nervous about having leggings on for a 13.1 mile race. However, they didn’t bother me at all. In fact, I wasn’t overheated, and they kept the sweat off of me like advertised. I love everything about these tights, and I am excited to wear them again! I did the ultimate NO in running. I ran in these tights for the first time for my big race. This is something you should NEVER do. However, with time not on my side, I had to break the rule. Well, the tights pervailed. They were wonderful, and I felt comfortable the entire race.  I can’t say enough wonderful things about these tights. They are my new go-to tights!

Shop Sincerely Amy’s look:

Relay Tight 2.0 2 BLHE – petite, regular, tall, and plus sizes – Black and Black Heather (more on the gray side) available

Mesh Inversion Tank  – On sale for only $19.97 – Black and White available – lots of sizes still left

Let’s wrap this up ladies!

We hope this helps you in finding the right tights for YOU! If you have a favorite tight, let us know in the comments.

We leave you with this: WE DID IT! We all crossed the finish line and for THIS race, It Was All About the Benjamins Baby (cue Puff Dady)!

Check out Ben in his sweatband!

Again, a huge THANK YOU to Athleta, Harrisburg, PA for sponsoring us in this half marathon.

Sincerely Megan, Amanda, Ho-Jung, and Amy

The links we shared in this post are affiliate links. We receive a small commission when we share the products we love. All of our reviews and thoughts are sincere.