5 Things I Love

5 Things I Love

Valentine’s Day week is here. It’s not a holiday I’m particularly in love with as it really seems like just more “stuff” I have to do — 1) buy valentines for school, 2) hide under a blanket eating my kids candy and 3) pick up all the kids’ valentines in their bedrooms and pitch them. That last part usually doesn’t happen until April when I’m sick of walking on them, but you can bet I nail that second item down by 3:21 pm on the 14th. I’m not a particularly mushy person, but there are some things I love at this particular moment in time that I wanted to share with you. Disclosure: Of course I love my husband and family, but this blog is our escape time so they don’t make this list.

Aaron at the Capital City Macy’s

This guy is the freaking best. He has excellent taste and always hooks me up with coupons. The other day I went there to return a dress that was $98 (which I ordered just to up my order total for free shipping and planned to return). I liked the dress, but not the price tag, obviously. After returning it, Aaron checked the price and saw it was now $58. He threw in a $20 off coupon to sweeten the deal. Swoon. I now own the dress (so soft and pockets) so I guess that free shipping scam worked for them, not me. He is going to help me with my smoldering selfie look next. If you don’t have an Aaron, here’s a more affordable chambray dress (30% off on 2/14 ONLY with code HUG).

WTForecast Weather App

We all have that one friend in San Diego who will text you her 80 degree and sunny every day until eternity forecast whenever you complain about the weather. This app is having none of that. It is there to commiserate with you, which I love. It even says the weather in San Diego sucks — a nice change even though it’s a lie. (Warning: language ahead)

This particular one is for Apple only, but the Android version (FUWeather) is an equally good time. On WTForecast you can customize your profanity to off, some, or on, but even with no profanity, this is not your children’s weather app (it’s a lot dirty). You can have a voice read you the bad weather news in lots of fun accents. Full customization for endless fun.

Braised Short Ribs

This short ribs recipe from The Little Kitchen is the Mister’s go-to recipe for a dinner that is sure to impress. He browns them in the cast iron skillet to seal in the juices, then pops them in the crock pot all day. They melt in your mouth and the flavor is just incredible.

Photo courtesy of The Little Kitchen

We make them on special occasions (there is still time for your Valentine’s dinner) and when we have friends over for the first time. After that, they just get pizza and beer.

Broad Street Market 

Harrisburg’s Broad Street Market has seen a major revitalization. It is the oldest continually operated market house in the US, so there’s your fun fact for the day. I follow their Facebook page and it’s like watching Fixer Upper with every post. It’s so clean, the buildings constantly being improved, and most important, the vendors have great stuff! My most-loved item there is a cookie that I have named “Take 4”. It’s a mix of everything that is right in the world — chocolate, peanut butter, pretzel and bacon. Yes, BACON.

It’s a rare find when every food group is wrapped up into one cookie. This cookie is sold at Raising the Bar in the stone building. While you are there, stop by¬†Pikowski’s Pierogie Place and Harrisburger, then hit Elementary Coffee, Radish and Rye and JB Kelly seafood in the brick building. There are definitely more vendors I want to try with flavors from all over the world, so I’m excited to return.


I know what you are thinking, it is Eyeore weather and who needs sunscreen? Well, thanks to melanoma, this girl does. Luckily, that spot was stage zero and is no longer there. However, that is just the kick in the pants that one needs for daily sunscreen. Also, thanks to having kids, I now sport this hormonal “sun mustache” of darker skin every summer if I don’t sunscreen it up. I heart this sunscreen at Dermstore (20% off through 2/19 with code FRIENDS) or through Amazon Prime and my dermatologist does too, so that’s a win.

I had to post the picture of how it rubs in because when I squeezed it out of the tube the first time, I thought, “THIS IS GOING TO LOOK RIDICULOUS.” But it blends like a chameleon and you don’t even know it’s there. It is lightweight, not-greasy, and doesn’t run if I am sweating. Since Valentine’s Day is about love, why not love yourself and others and encourage sunscreen use? There’s my little PSA for ya.

Do we have any favorites in common? Do you have something other than my current top 5 that you can’t live without? Let me know in the comments!