A marathon…what?!

A marathon…what?!

In previous posts, I shared with you that running was only something I dabbled in. However, I am about to run my second marathon. The first one was in Disney, and Sincerely Ho-Jung was training with me. For this one, I was all by myself so I didn’t get in the miles like I had hoped. However, I am going to attempt to do it with the Sincerely Us girls, family, and friends cheering me on.

A little over a year ago, I could barely run 3 miles so this is amazing to me that I am even signed up. My goal is to finish within the time limit (6 hrs) and not to be last. I have very high goals. ūüôā

For this race, I am going to do intervals as suggested by the Jeff Galloway training program.  I tried the intervals of 3 minutes running and 1 minute walking for a half marathon 2 weeks ago, and I beat my previous record by 3.5 minutes. In addition, the recovery was so much better. I am now getting ready to attempt this interval for the full marathon. Here is a sample of what he suggests:

9 min/mi: run 4 minute/walk 1 minute (4/1)
10 min/mi: 3/1
11 min/mi: 2:30/1
12 min/mi: 2/1
13 min/mi: 1/1
14 min/mi: 30 seconds/30 seconds
15 min/mi: run 30 seconds/walk 45 seconds, or run 20 seconds/walk 40 seconds
16 min/mi: run 20 seconds/walk 40 seconds
17 min/mi: run 15 seconds/walk 45 seconds

For a complete calendar of what Jeff Galloway suggests for training, check out¬†Jeff Galloway’s full marathon training program for finishing standing upright.

Over the past 2 years, I have really enjoyed the running gear aspect of the sport, and I will be honest that the gear has really helped me for the long distances. Pre-gear, I would find some old sweats, sweatshirt, and whatever else I had and go out running.

Before getting race gear

Now I have some essentials that I couldn’t imagine not using when I go out for a run. Some of my favorites are as follows:

TreadBands: This headband is the first one that I have found that doesn’t slip. It stays put for the entire run. It also plays a dual role for me by covering my ears and keeping them warm. You can now get 10% off by using the code SINCERELY10.

FlipBelt РThe FlipBelt holds my key with a hook so I know it is safe, and there is a spot for my phone as well. It is easy to pull my phone in and out if I need to adjust the music or the sound.  Also, the FlipBelt stays in place with no bouncing!

FlipBelt water bottle РI love how this water bottle fits in the back of my FlipBelt for those long runs. I have the Flipbelt without the zipper so that the water bottle can be tucked inside with ease.

Feetures socks РThese socks pull the moisture away from my feet as well as provide the necessary cushion to make it a more enjoyable run.

Arm warmers from Lululemon РThe benefit of the arm warmers is that I can roll them down if I get warm or take them off altogether during a run. If I take them off, I tie them to my FlipBelt so they are not in the way. One of the best features of the arm warmers is that there are thumbholes.

Neleus Comprehension Base Layer Dry Fit Tank Top РI typically wear this tank as a base layer. It keeps all of the sweat away from my skin.

New Balance Heat Hoodie – Because the weather is going to be really cold, I am going to wear a sweatshirt. This new sweatshirt has gloves built into them. I can simply roll down the sleeves, and gloves are formed. In addition, this sweatshirt is built for running so it keeps my sweat away from my skin. Of course, I was sold when I saw the thumbholes as well.

My must- haves

Well…here it goes. I have my gear, and I am off!

Share something that you thought you would never do and have now done it!

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