Sincerely Ho-Jung gets Underneath…

Sincerely Ho-Jung gets Underneath…

We’ve posted a few things about what the Sincerely Him’s are wearing underneath…Psst – Tommy John’s underwear. Get them for your special guy. Receive 15% off your first order on Tommy Johns.

Now, let’s get underneath Sincerely Us girls, specifically BRAS!

Does your bra strap keep falling? Are your boobs peeking out from under your bra or overflowing from the top? Does the wire jab into your skin? Having trouble finding that perfect strapless bra that holds your D or DD girls up without having to pull up the sides every 5 minutes? Want some filler (besides tissues) for your small boobs? How do I prevent those embarrassing headlights?

Sincerely Ho-Jung has done some research to solve the most common bra problems and the best selling bras. I visited a local bra boutique, Underneath It All and met with the lovely owner and bra and lingerie expert, Kimberly Over.

Kim has been so generous to give locals an exclusive promotion for Sincerely Us Blog readers. Read more below!!! Non-locals…don’t worry, online links are provided below as well! 

The #1 Every Day Bra

The #1 best selling bra is the Wacoal Awareness Bra.  This is the top seller at Underneath It All. This bra is my favorite and some of the other Sincerely Us girls will agree. It gives you full coverage and the straps are thick and comfortable that they don’t fall down. One of my problems was I am always digging inside my shirt to pull up my bra strap. With the Awareness Bra, the straps stay put. I love it.

Strapless Bras

For a short girl with big boobs, I’ve always had trouble finding a strapless bra that actually held up comfortably without having to pull up the sides every 10 minutes. The Wacoal Red Carpet Bra is AWESOME!  Not only does it hold up, you can wear it 4 different ways: strapless, regular t-shirt bra, one shoulder, or crisscross in the back. I alternate between this and the Awareness Bra mentioned above a lot under my every day wardrobe. For my racerback tank tops, I’ll use this bra as a crisscross so that the straps don’t show.

Backless Bras

Warmer weather is approaching…there’s bridals showers, weddings, summer soirees and so many awesome backless dresses that we turn away because of “well, what bra would I need to wear with it?” Here are 3 solutions:

1. Nu Bra: These are the simplest solution in a backless dress or top. Recommended for A – C cups only. These adhere directly onto the skin and snap in the front. These are the most popular.

2. Backless Freedom Bustier: These have adhesive silicone side tabs that keep the bra in place.

3. Les Mystere Soiree Bustier: The closure is near your waist level.

Small Boobs

I wish I had tiny boobs. And people with smaller ones wish they had bigger ones…we all wish what we don’t have right?  Well, don’t want to forget about the ladies with small boobs. Do you have tiny boobs and wish they were a little bigger?  This Wacoal Petite Lace Embrace is great. It contains removable “cookies” inside the cups to trick your boobs to looking bigger…not the “chocolate chip cookie” kind so don’t be stuffing real cookies inside your bras as a DIY solution.

Sports Bras

Kim introduced me to the best sports bra. It’s the Wacoal Underwire Sports Bra. As soon as I tried it on, I knew I had to have it and bought one. I think it’s the most comfortable sports bra I have ever tried on. It has tons of support, so comfortable and does not cause a uni-boob. I also did not break a sweat trying to get it off and on. There are tons of cute colors and sizes.

Embarrassing Headlights

Don’t you hate it when you’re at a party, you go to the bathroom and look in the mirror and ahhhhhh…..headlights!

Then you come out with arms crossed all embarrassed. Here are a few headlight concealers. I use #2 myself and it’s perfect.

Here are 3 solutions:

  1. Super Gel Petals: (Similar to Braza Super Gel Petals pictured) These are for women with really big nipples. There’s a sticky on one side and you place them inside your cup on top of your nipple.
  2. Silicone Petal Tops: A lot of my bras are thin with no padding….since I don’t need any more padding than I already have. So I actually wear these Silicone Petal Tops almost every day. I can’t tell they are on. They are reusable too.  I just rinse mine with warm water and let them air dry on a hand towel.
  3. Wacoal No-Peek Molded Foam Cups: No stickiness like the first two. These are foamy cups you insert into your bra to create a smooth look.

Caring and Storing your Bras

Only YOU know if your bra is getting dirty by the way it smells. Your bra should look and smell clean and fresh. When you wash your bras, first make sure all the clasps are on. Wash your bras in cold water in the washing machine, set on gentle, delicate, or hand wash cycle, and no spinning. Do NOT put your bras in the dryer. Line dry your bras. Wash with any detergent you have. You just need a little bit. You can also just use fabric softener or lavender water.  All you need is your bra to smell nice and clean.

Before doing this blog, I am embarrassed to say how often I wash my bras. After meeting with Kim, I will be washing them about once a week making sure clasps are on, cold water, delicate cycle, no spin, and NO DRYER (I am guilty of throwing them in the dryer…NO MORE).

Once your bras are washed and dried, you should store your bras neatly in your drawer. And they should be placed in your drawer with the bra holding its cup…and not folded like a pancake. Shown below is the correct way to store your bras.


Bra size fitting is a complicated one. Kim had measured me and then suggested a cup size higher than the measurement. Even though you are sized does not mean you will be that size in every bra. Kim said that it’s important to try on the bra and really feel how it fits on YOU.


Visit Underneath It All and visit Kim. She will help you with any bra AND lingerie needs. Tell her you heard about her on Sincerely Us Blog and receive 10% off ANYTHING from now until the end of June.  Promotion ends June 30, 2017.

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