Make-Up and Skin Care and Chocolate, oh my!

Make-Up and Skin Care and Chocolate, oh my!
The following post is the first of a three-part series sponsored by Carmina-Cristina Boutique in Camp Hill, PA. We always want our blog posts to appeal to local and non-local readers, so each post will focus on a service offered by Carmina-Cristina Boutique with tips for everyone as well as a holiday gift guide!
Carmina-Cristina: skin, bath, beauty, luxury care, education (not just make-up!)

Blogging has been a great opportunity to work with professionals whose paths I would not necessarily cross. Such was the case with Carmina-Cristina Boutique. I had seen the building several times but wasn’t sure what was offered. I thought it was a make-up boutique, and since I really have no idea what I am doing with make-up I figured it wasn’t for me. However, once Carmina and Anne at the boutique reached out to Sincerely Us to see how we could work together, I learned it is so much more than make-up. Carmina offers facials, hands-on tutorials, and beauty workshops to make skin care and make-up accessible to everyone and highlight your best features (see her current workshop offerings here — fun gift idea!). Plus there is tea and chocolate! Bonus!

The four of us divided up the following services: a beauty assessment, a hands-on daytime make-up workshop, a hands-on evening make-up workshop, and a facial. We will give you the scoop on each with some tips you can use at home! Today, it’s me (Sincerely Megan) with the beauty assessment, some great tips, and a holiday gift idea!

What is a “beauty assessment” anyway?

How many times have you walked into a store and stared at tubes, bottles, and magic potions wondering what would be best for your skin and what actually lives up to its claims? Problem solved with the free beauty assessment at Carmina-Cristina Boutique. Carmina uses this half-hour appointment time to let you know what skin care routine is best for you and do a make-up application. When you attend, bring your skin care products from home and Carmina will let you know which products are good for your skin type, what order to apply them, and what will not work for you. She really likes to educate her clients on techniques and products to help you be your best self, which is the “shine theory” that I love to see in women. This service is great for people who want the guess work taken out of their skincare routine. Plus, you get the added bonus of walking out with a mini-makeover (see picture above for before and after)!

Tips Worth Sharing

  • When performing your skin care routine, be sure to leave some time in between steps for your products to be absorbed by the skin. Once your face dries, move to the next step. If you are tired and don’t feel like the whole washing face routine, Carmina developed a great facial cleanser that made my face feel awesome. It has cucumber extract for a smoothing and hydrating aspect and licorice for an anti-bacterial benefit, which is also great for acne-prone skin. This product spoke to me as a time-saver. If you are just too tired to wash your face at night, you can just use this as a cleanser and toner in one… no water needed. Just shake and apply to a cotton round and off to dreamland you go. You can also use it after your cleanser as a toner and brightening agent for those days and nights when you are going all in on your skincare routine. You can get the face cleansing water (brightening) here and use code SincerelyUs10 for 10% off on any product in Carmina’s store!

  • Before Carmina applied my make-up, she used this amazing eye cream. Now, I’m not one to spend tons of cash on beauty, but I am ready to drop whatever necessary to score myself some of this. As she was applying it, I could literally see the fine lines around my eyes disappearing. It was magical. It just filled everything in and gave her a nice smooth palate. This “Matis résponse yeux” is available at the Carmina-Cristina Boutique or here.
Sample tube size shown in picture; 15mL is actual product size and you only need a little each time!
  • If you do nothing else, step up your eyebrow game. Here I am with one eyebrow done and one all untamed and barren. Huge difference. Carmina started by brushing my eyebrows up, then adding short pencil lines the whole length of the brow and finishing with the “brow set gel,” which is also available online or at the boutique (don’t forget online code SincerelyUs10 for 10% off your purchase).
Before and after eyebrows
  • Did you ever blink and get mascara somewhere other than your lashes? Or put on your lip liner as if you were Kylie Jenner when you were going for more subtle Kendall look? Never fear! Simply put some of your foundation on a q-tip and gently roll it over the mistake. This covers it up without removing your make-up. Score.
The rolling q-tip eraser method

Holiday Gift Ideas

Carmina started off my service by letting me test out the Rituals shower line. I’m not into moisturizers that smell like you rolled in a bed of jasmine-honeysuckle-cucumber-breeze because they are a little too much fragrance. Pair that with the fact that they leave you feeling like you bathed in olive oil and you can’t put clothes on until you dry out, and those products are usually a hard pass for me. Not so with the Rituals line.

The Rituals line is a great price point for gifts (gift sets are in stock online and coming to Carmina-Cristina Boutique by mid-November) or for something nice just for you. Unlike other products, I didn’t feel that the smell was overpowering. The just-right smell lingered while an oily post-application feel did not. If anything, it almost felt powdery on my hands. The full set consists of a shower foam, shower oil, sugar or salt scrub, moisturizing cream, and a mist. You don’t have to use or buy every step, but if you do, Carmina advises not using the scrub daily since that is an exfoliant. The boutique stocks 4 scents: Happy Buddha, Sakura, Ayurveda, and Dao. My favorites were “Happy Buddha”, which was a sweet orange and cedar wood scent, and “Sakura”, which was a rice milk and cherry blossom scent blend. “Dao” was organic white lotus and yi yi ren scent (and who doesn’t love the scent of fresh yi yi ren, amiright?) and “Ayurveda” was sweet almond and rice milk scent. To me, the Happy Buddha seemed more “autumn” than the Sakura, but I liked them both. The Dao is also a big seller.

The shower gel retails for only $15 (in store) and comes out a little like shaving cream, growing bigger in your hand (bonus: you can also use for shaving). After the gel I applied the oil and the scrub, neither of which left the sink feeling slippy. I confirmed this with Carmina and she said that it does not make your shower slippy either. I then dried my hands and rubbed in the cream. The smell was something of Goldilocks’s dreams… not too smelly, not too non-existent, just right! The mist can be used to refresh and is also great on your pillowcase before slipping into your well-deserved slumber.

I’m picking up a gift set once they come in so these definitely have the Sincerely Megan stamp of approval. This would make a great gift because it is different than other lotions “from the mall” and doesn’t cost much more to have a better product. They contain essential oils rather than man-made scents. And did I mention the pretty packaging???

If you are local, you can pick them at at Carmina-Cristina Make-Up Boutique at 2209 Market St, Camp Hill, PA 17011. Holiday hours are Wed-Fri from 11:30am-6pm and Saturdays from 10am-2pm. Everyone else can check them out at amazon (easy affiliate links below).

Stop by Carmina-Cristina Boutique on November 18th during Camp Hill Borough’s Candy Cane Walk. Carmina is celebrating 3 years in business with make-up and martinis! Stop in between 9am and 4pm and let her know you heard of the event from Sincerely Us to be entered to win a free lip color. Also, the first 20 people in the door receive 20% off a $55 purchase, so make it a breakfast martini so you can snag that deal!

Stay tuned next month when Sincerely Ho-Jung meets up with Carmina for an instructional daytime makeover, full of tips you can use!

Rituals Shower Line Links

Happy Buddha Line:

Sakura Line: (oil and mist out of stock on Amazon, but available here):

Dao Line:

Ayurveda line is out of stock at Amazon, but available at Carmina-Cristina Boutique and here