Wake-up & Make-up

Wake-up & Make-up

The following post is the second of a four-part series sponsored by Carmina-Cristina Boutique in Camp Hill, PA. We want to appeal to our Local and Non-Local readers so each post will focus on a service offered by Carmina-Cristina Boutique with tips for EVERYONE along with some gift suggestions. Don’t worry non-locals, Carmina has a website and you can order products online. In case you missed Sincerely Megan’s first post, check it out here!

In this post, Sincerely Ho-Jung will be sharing her experiences and tips from her Day Makeover. Enjoy!

Sincerely Ho-Jung’s Day Look

I’ve had makeovers done before but never quite like this. I took Carmina’s Day Look Class. Carmina takes the time to get to know you, your lifestyle, your current makeup routine, and your overall style. She has an amazing personality, passion, and energy where you can just talk to her for hours. She is extremely detail oriented and thinks of everything. She made me a cappuccino and offered these European chocolates to die for. She even had cinnamon that she sprinkled on my cappuccino. I felt very fancy and so relaxed just being in her boutique sipping my cappuccino and eating chocolate and we haven’t even started on makeup yet.

The Day Look Class is a 3-hour workshop where you will learn how to apply your makeup, how to contour and shape brows, what colors looks best on you…and the best part – she will do one side of your face and you will do the other side with her right by your side coaching you. More on her workshops here!

4 weeks later, I am still using her techniques and love them and her products!

Tips Worth Sharing:

  • Cleaning your makeup brushes – Have you been suckered into buying fancy cleaning products for your brushes? I have….but no more! All you need is 91% Isopropyl Alcohol and a small spray bottle….you can buy both of these at your local drug store or Target. The 91% if VERY important…make sure the bottle says 91%. Pour the alcohol into a small spray bottle. Lay your brushes on a paper towel, spray with alcohol, and wipe off. Let dry and voila…ready to use the next morning. Use your best judgement on frequency of cleaning your brushes. If you use your brushes every day, clean them every 3- 4 days or once a week.

  • Eyeshadow application – I’ve always struggled with understanding what color do I put on my eye and how to blend. Carmina breaks it down easy. There should be 3 eyeshadow shades…a light, medium, and dark. Use the light shade over your entire eyelid. The medium is a little tricky. If you place your finger to your outer eyebrow, you will feel a bone right beneath. From the bone down, use the medium shade on your lid from the bone down. Use the dark shade on the outer corner of your eyelid.

These are just a few of the many tips I learned from Carmina! I was blown away by the information I learned and the quality of all her products. Below are a few of my favorite products that I am using daily or almost daily.

Looking for a gift idea?! For the Non-Locals, you can order the products online.

LOCALS – Contact Carmina-Cristina Boutique in Camp Hill, PA for all your beauty and skin care needs…she has a wealth of knowledge and experience on makeup and skincare. Carmina, who also has her law degree, has had professional training and international experience in beauty. She has worked backstage for major fashion shows, film and TV production. Read more about her here! Email her at Carmina@CarminaCristina.com or call her at 717-343-2805.

Carmina-Cristina Boutique is by appointment and VIP Club Members only. What is the VIP Beauty Club? It’s something you want to sign up for…I did! You get one facial or makeover per month, and so much more for $69 per month! I received my first facial a few days ago and it was A-MAZ-ING!

That’s a wrap for the day. Stay tuned for the third post where Sincerely Amy will cover evening makeover. Thanks everyone for following!