More Eyelashes Please

With my itty bitty scarce eyelashes, I am always searching for that miracle mascara and end up looking like this. Do you have this problem?

Image by The Odyssey Online

I was always a sucker for mascaras claiming more volume, more length…I just needed more. And they always ended up being a waste of money. I recently found out about eyelash extensions…what???!!! Maybe this is my solution! I decided to give this a shot. I met with Amy Gittins, an Esthetician, at Changes Salon & Day Spa to learn more about this first-hand. (Psst…there’s a special promotion below!).


I arrived at the spa with a clean face and no make-up and was all ready for a full set of eyelashes. I laid down on my back on one of those really comfy spa beds as Amy applied eyelashes one at a time. Each eyelash has a teeny tiny dollop of glue on one end that is placed on your eye. It tickled just a little but did not hurt one bit…it was actually pretty relaxing. As you can see from the picture below, you’ll see some fresh long lashes on the right side and my natural thin uneven lashes on the left. The lash extensions come in numerous lengths, thickness and curls…and I definitely wanted and needed longer, thicker and more curl. I also wanted to look natural when we were all done. The total procedure took about 40 minutes.


After 40 minutes, VOILA! I love my new eyelashes so much! It felt SOOOOO good to finally have them. Why have I not done this sooner?!

The best thing…NO MASCARA NEEDED….NO CURLER NEEDED!  The fake eyelashes automatically curl. I also found that I no longer wear eyeliner on the upper eyelid. The eyelash extensions gives the look of dark eyeliner on top without actually putting it on.

Here is a before and after photo….top is before and bottom is after. Pretty big difference, right?!

What’s next? Well, you can’t get your eyelashes wet 24 hours after getting new eyelashes…so no washing, showering, swimming, etc. (After 24 hours, I washed my face in the morning, put make-up on, take off my make-up at night…repeat). I use Neutrogena eye make-up remover and a cotton round to take off my eye make-up each night. Lashes will fall off in time….just like your natural lashes do. Touch-ups are recommended every 3 – 4 weeks. During touch-ups, new lashes are applied where they have fallen. You can have eyelashes all year round as long as you keep up with the touch-ups every 3 – 4 weeks. I love my eyelashes so I plan to maintain them with the touch-ups. I have already contacted Amy for my first touch-up.

Photo by Changes Salon and Day Spa website

For the locals, go visit Amy Gittins at Changes Salon & Day Spa. She has been in this business for 10+ years and is very knowledgeable, very gentle in the eyelash application and super nice! She also does microblading and facials. For the non-locals, check out eyelash application at your local spa. I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone.


Want to give a full set of lashes or microblading a try? Book your appointment at Changes Salon & Day Spa. Mention Sincerely Us Blog when booking your appointment to receive 10% off a full set of eyelashes or microblading. PROMOTION ENDS 8/31/17! 

Anyone else tried eyelash extensions? What did you think? I would love to hear.