From Day to Play

From Day to Play

Part three of our four-part series sponsored by Carmina-Cristina Boutique in Camp Hill, PA is all about the application of makeup for the evening hours. At first, I was truly wondering when I would use these tips as I tend not to be heading out for the club life anymore. However, after meeting with Carmina, I realized that evening makeup didn’t have to be the smoldering eyes that no longer would look appropriate on this 40-something.

The tips that I have learned have helped me up my game from the evening work event to the holiday-themed parties. If you are local, check out Carmina-Cristina Boutique. If you are not local, definitely check out her website for great products. Regardless, definitely read on for easy tips on how you can make your evening makeup help you stand out at your next soiree.

Going into this class, I thought for sure that I would not be able to recreate any tip that I had learned because I have sat through different classes and tried to learn techniques over the years with no avail. The best part of Carmina’s class is that she looks for makeup that is suitable for your skin type and color and what is manageable for your lifestyle.

Carmina started off our session with explaining that makeup is an accessory. I never thought of it that way. I spend money on a good pair of shoes or a great purse, but why not do the same for makeup, which is the one thing everyone will see every time I am out.

After spending time with you, Carmina then walks you through putting the makeup on half of your face. What I loved about this process is that she didn’t make me feel rushed so I could take notes and ask questions. When I took lessons elsewhere,  I never took notes during a makeup lesson because I always felt that the person had limited time with me. I didn’t have this pressure with Carmina, and the notes have helped me truly learn the process so I can recreate the look.

Once she finished half of my face, I then had a chance to practice on the other half of my face. Carmina was right there to guide me so I practiced correctly. With her guidance, I could easily learn the techniques.

Before and After Applying Makeup on My Own After Learning the Techniques

Tips Worth Sharing:

  • Concealer – For evening makeup, it is important to add concealer under your eyes because the artificial lighting adds shadows to your eyes. The concealer lightens and brightens the eye area. Also, you can use concealer on your eyelids to act as a primer for your eyeshadow.Because the area under your eyes is very delicate, it is important to carefully put concealer on by using your ring finger not your pointer finger. Your ring finger applies the least pressure on the sensitive skin. To apply, put some concealer on your ring finger, and then tap the concealer under your eye. Do the same on your eyelid, and then apply some to the corner of your eye to brighten the eye a little more.
  • Eyeliner– Liquid eyeliner is key for the easiest to apply and for a longer lasting look as well. Using the applicator, draw the eyeliner onto the top lid from the halfway point to the outer part of your eye. Then using a small brush, stroke up. I have never thought to do this, but it does give much more definition to my eye.Then add eyeliner to the bottom of your eye. This time use the brush to go from side to side rather than stroking up or down. The brush smooths over the eyeliner so you have a finished look.
  • Eyelashes – Have you ever curled your lashes? To be honest, I have only tried the clamp once or twice because I am so afraid of hurting myself. Carmina introduced me to a new tool that curls eyelashes and no one has to get hurt! The tool heats up, and you hold it on your lashes for 30 seconds-minute and Viola! The heat is not too hot, and it actually feels good. It is a like a little curling iron for your eyelashes minus the clamp. I loved it so much that I bought one instantly, and then I bought one to give as a Christmas gift. I felt that it was too good not to share.

    Heated Eyelash Curler
  • Lips – So I definitely stick to my one color of lipstick. When Carmina suggested a bright red or orange lip color, I wanted to scream, “NO WAY!” However, I knew there was no reason not to be a little adventurous so I tried and ended up buying the pumpkin spice liquid lipstick.  A good tip she gave me is that if I play up my lips, then I don’t need to go crazy with my eyeshadow. Let one feature be the stand out feature. For the lips, you want to get a lip liner, and fill in your lips with that first. The lip liner acts as a primer for the lipstick so that it stays on longer.

Now it is your turn to heat up your evening look. The evening is a great time to be a little daring and try something new. Typically, the artificial lighting washes you out so take a chance and be bold!

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Locals – Contact Carmina at Carmina-Cristina Boutique in Camp Hill, PA for all of your beauty and skin care needs.

Stay tuned for part 4 – Sincerely Amanda describes the best facial she ever received.