Gym Hair to Day Hair in Minutes

I’m going to the gym…I’ll be done in an hour. One hour…really? The whole gym routine isn’t just the actual time you physically spend in the gym. It takes you 10-15 minutes to get home from the gym and then you jump in the shower, get dressed, etc. You almost have to tack on another hour once you leave the gym to be ready for the next activity of the day. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to come home from the gym, freshen up your hair in minutes and voila…you’re done!? I am here to tell you that you can. I had the opportunity to meet with Steph, Hair Stylist, at Changes Salon and Day Spa on tips and tricks and hair products to get your hair fresh from the gym in no time at all.

Steph went to an exercise class this morning. From the looks of the picture above, you can’t tell at all. Her hair looks picture perfect! There are two products….two quick and simple steps that Steph uses to go from gym hair to day hair and she shared her secrets with me.

Step 1: BB Tonic

First, spray the BB Tonic in your scalp and then blow-dry your scalp where you sprayed the tonic. The tonic refreshes and soothes your scalp with tea tree oil.

Step 2: BB Pret-a-powder

Next, shake the BB Pret-a-powder onto your scalp. It will look white…almost like baby powder on your hair. Massage the powder into your hair and the white powder will become invisible. The powder soaks up the grease and gives your hair texture and volume leaving your hair looking clean and refreshed.

That’s it! It was so simple. Steph washes her hair twice a week and on the other days uses the BB Tonic and BB Pret-a-powder. This works well for all types of hair from fine to thick.

Steph also introduced me to BB All-Style Blow Dry.

Use the All-Style Blow Dry after you shower and towel dry your hair a bit. Squeeze a little bit onto your hand and apply to your roots. Then blow-dry as normal. This prevents frizz and absorbs oil in your hair to keep it looking fresher longer.

A few other secrets:

  • Eyelash extensions…stay tuned for a future post on eyelashes. I will be meeting with an Esthetician to learn all about this and try it out for myself.
  • Don’t you hate those marks left in your hair from ponytail. The Invisibobble hair bands do NOT leave those annoying ponytail lines. 
  • Put your hair in a braid for THAT day when your hair is starting to feel like it REALLY needs washed but you want to wait one more day…LOL.

If you have any quick tips and tricks that have worked for you or hair products you use to keep your hair fresh, share below! We’d love to hear!