Hey Hey…Namaste

Hey Hey…Namaste

A few weeks ago, I got a text from a friend of mine that read “Want to take an aerial yoga class with me?”. My response was “Sure, that might make a great blog post, LOL”.  I had visions of me dropping to the floor, getting twisted up, getting stuck upside down and just looking plain ridiculous. A really good opportunity to publicly make fun of myself. Perfect! So, thanks to all of you, I tried Aerial Yoga. I also learned how to spell the word Aerial correctly during this whole experience. I started out spelling it all wrong! Now, I’m fixed! Win! Okay, lets get on with the experience…

I walked into Om My Yoga and was greeted with a warm hug from Melissa, the teacher, who had a room full of women hanging upside down behind her. I laughed to myself and thought how hilarious this was going to be. Melissa directed me to another room to wait for our class to start. This is where my friend was standing with all the other ladies she had invited. At that point, I learned that only my friend (who is a yoga teacher) had ever done Aerial yoga before! I felt so relieved that I was not the only one who felt that I would be spending most of the time on the floor rather than hanging off of anything.

Melissa called us in to the next room to start our class and here is what it looked like:

These pieces of soft fabric can hold over 1,000 pounds!

Class began without hesitation…

Remember how I told you that my friend who invited me to this class was a yoga teacher. You will see just a “slight” difference in our abilities. My arms and legs don’t exactly do what hers can do….

I wasn’t perfect, but never would have imagined I would be hanging upside down and not holding on for dear life!

After literally flying through the air, doing a few more flips, and stretches (not technical terms I’m sure), the class ended in the most peaceful way! Each of us got into our pieces of fabric, sitting upright. Melissa turned off the lights, turned on some soft music, offered some calming essential oils and asked us if we wanted to stay still or sway. I opted for the sway which felt like I was being rocked to sleep.

My thoughts

What are my thoughts of this whole experience? It was awesome! I was shocked that I was able to do this! As a runner, it helped stretch my hips better than the normal seated stretches I’m accustomed to. Hanging upside down, took all of the tension away from my lower back as well. I felt longer and straighter when I was finished. Aerial Yoga is also a great workout for your arms and abs. Those muscles are needed to pull yourself up and flip yourself around. Make sure you are hydrated and not hungry. As you can probably guess I was not hydrated and hadn’t eaten much before I went. Dumb me! I felt a little dizzy towards the end of the class. As soon as I got water, I was back to normal right away.

Thank you to Melissa for allowing me to come back to document some pictures for this post. I never could have explained in words what we did. I also think its worth mentioning that ALL seven of us who took the class were able to do every position that Melissa threw our way. These ladies were so fun, so positive, and just plain awesome!

Here’s Melissa Mann!

If you are near Camp Hill, PA and want to try out Melissa’s Aerial Yoga class click HERE.  Search by Instructor and find Melissa Mann. It will then show her class times and availability. Melissa teaches additional yoga classes at Om My Yoga and also at Love and Light Institute.

Who’s that yoga teaching friend who invited me to try this? –Charity Castner

She teaches Light/Hatha and Vinaysa Flow Yoga at H2L Studio (Schedule Here– Search: Castner, Charity) and Hatha (gentle) Yoga at Love And Light Institute. Again, if you are local, try her out too. Charity is an excellent yoga teacher who makes everyone she meets feel like they have known her their entire life. She does not disappoint!

I shared my experience with you because if you haven’t tried it, I hope you try out an Aerial Yoga class near you! Grab a friend or a group of friends and go have a ball! If you are still skeptical, would prefer to stay on the ground, and are local…I have given you two great yoga contacts who will make you feel extremely comfortable and also make you smile.


Sincerely Amanda

P.S. I would love to hear your thoughts on Aerial Yoga in the comments below. Have you done it? Would you try it?

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