It’s Spring….Bundle Up!

It’s Spring….Bundle Up!

As I have started this journey of becoming a runner, I still couldn’t overcome the fact that I am always cold. If I was going to do races outside of the summer, I needed to find clothing to keep me warm but could shed easily as I warmed up during the race. According to this article, “7 Types of Fashionable Runners You Will Always Spot“, I definitely fall into the category of the layering lady.


I needed a headband that stayed in place while I ran as well as cover my ears if needed. At an Expo for a race, we came across this company called Treadbands. This headband has changed my world. It stays in place through the entire run, and I can easily move it on and off my ears as needed. Although it is lightweight, it keeps my ears warm on those cold days. Also, It is the ONLY headband that I have found that doesn’t move during a run. I have two Treadbands, but I have decided that I need a few more so I can discard all other headbands. The Treadbands can be washed in the washing machine, and I air dry them. They are still in amazing shape after many washes.

Another accessory that is a must have is the FlipBelt, which slips easily around your waist to avoid things moving around while running and walking. There are two designs, one with a zipper pouch and one without. I have the FlipBelt without the zipper pouch because I like the open pouch in the back so I can use the FlipBelt water bottle. This water bottle is curved to fit nicely along your back, and it doesn’t move while you run. With the openings in the FlipBelt, I can easily pull the water bottle in and out without missing a step. The front openings in the FlipBelt have a place for you to hook your car key, and I put my phone on the other side. When going for a run or a walk, I never leave home without my FlipBelt!

If you do not think you will need a place for your water bottle, FlipBelt has added a new option, and that is a pouch in the back with a zipper. This is nice if you are bringing money, credit cards, ID, ect. Although I do put my ID and money in mine behind my car key, this isn’t for everyone. Check out the FlipBelt zipper pouch and decide what is best for you. Whichever design you choose, you will not be disappointed. Good news! It can be thrown into the washing machine so no worries if you take it out for a long run.


Comfortable socks are a must. I can’t imagine going out for a run without my Feetures socks. These socks pull the moisture away from my feet as well provide the necessary cushion to make it a more enjoyable run. Sincerely Amanda gave these socks to me as a gift, and now I buy these socks exclusively. I usually wait until there is a deal, which happens a lot. For instance just last week I bought four pairs under the deal buy three get one free.

Next item on my list is my newly acquired arm warmers from Lululemon. One of the best features of the arm warmers is that there are thumbholes. My feeling is that all long-sleeved shirts should have thumbholes. So, when these arm warmers came with thumbholes, I knew I would be in love. The benefit of the arm warmers is that I can roll them down if I get warm or take them off altogether during a run. This is so much easier while running than trying to take a long sleeved shirt off, which I have tried and lost an earbud in the process. Also, if I do take them off, I tie them onto my FlipBelt so I don’t lose them while running.

Another must have apparel item is my Run With Me Gloves from Lululemon. These are lightweight but keep my hands warm. An added bonus is that I can use my phone with my gloves on! What happens if your hands are too hot? Take your gloves off, and tuck them in your Flipbelt. You can keep on running without worrying about carrying them for the rest of the run! (See the picture at the top of the post for how I tuck my gloves.)

The Layering Lady

Underneath my accessories and apparel, you will find my a tank top, possibly a long-sleeved shirt, and then a short-sleeved shirt all paired with running pants. Yes, the arm warmers fit perfectly over a long-sleeved shirt on those really cold days. Regardless if you are the layering lady or not, these accessories will make any run or walk more enjoyable.

I would love to hear from you about what type of Fashionable Runner (click here for article) you are or what accessories are your must haves.

Sincerely Amy

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