Le Tote -lly Awesome

Le Tote -lly Awesome

I know what you are thinking…another clothing subscription box? Keep reading because this one is not like any other! It’s so special! I stumbled upon this one in November 2016. I thought to myself..how cool it would be to be able to rent everyday clothes sort of like Rent the Runway? I don’t need a fancy dress everyday, but I DO want a new outfit to wear to work, one for a night out with friends, or one just because I simply love new things.There had to be something like this right? Well, with the power of Google, I found it and it’s called Le Tote! It really is Le Tote-lly awesome and worth the cheesy play on words. I promise!

I started using Le Tote in November of 2016 and have received a total of 37 Totes, which means I have had 74 pieces of clothing and 37 pieces of jewelry arrive at my doorstep over the past 9 months! Within Le Tote’s inventory you will find brands found on sites like Shopbop, Lord & Taylor, Nordstrom, Nasty Girl, Piperline, and Anthropologie. The pieces are high-end and excellent quality. I have had the privilege of wearing brands that I never would have even looked at before because of sticker shock.


All of the memberships below include UNLIMITED totes each month!

Standard memberships:

  1. $39.00/Month (this is the one I have) – 2 clothing items and 1 accessory in each box
  2. $59.00/Month – 3 clothing items and 2 accessories OR 4 clothing items in each box

Also, for those of you who are expecting, there are maternity memberships as well! (Keep in mind, you can switch your membership and sizes at any time. You aren’t stuck with the maternity membership forever.)

  1. $49.00/Month – 2 clothing items and 1 accessory in each box
  2. $69.00/Month -3 clothing items and 2 accessories OR 4 clothing items in each box

What does this mean for your pocket book? I try to squeeze in at least 4 totes a month which breaks down to $9.75 per Tote or $3.25 per item. That’s amazing, right? Now, since we are all exhausted with all this math, lets talk about how it works.


SHOP – Add pieces to your virtual closet (this gives Le Tote stylists an idea of the styles you like). When your Tote is ready to be customized you have the option to get what they pick for you or switch the items out for something else.

WEAR – Wear the pieces as long or as little as you want. There is no due date to ship them back by. I usually only wear my pieces once and send them back right away so I can get another one. I get one per week!  It’s awesome!

SEND BACK OR KEEP – When you are all done, put the pieces unwashed (I’ll address this later) in the return package provided (no shipping cost to you). If you love what you got so much and can’t part with it, you have the option to buy what you like for up to 50% off.

Shortly after your return package is scanned by the post office, you will get an email/text with your next Tote to style. My Totes generally only take 2 days to be delivered to me from the time I finalize them. Here is an example of emails I received from my current Le Tote to show you how quick this really is. All of this happened the same day!





Sign up and browse the inventory HERE  If you decide to sign up you will get $25 OFF YOUR FIRST MONTH with that link! That means it could cost you as little as $14 for an entire month–as many as 4 Totes. I think that’s definitely worth the try!


  1. Do the clothes feel worn?  No!
  2. Do they smell like someone wore them? No! You do send them back unwashed because they professionally wash them.This is why they feel new because they are being washed/dry cleaned properly.
  3. Have you bought anything? Yes! A necklace which was originally $28.00 but was only $11.66 to buy it!
  4. Will you ever cancel? No reason to now! I love it!
  5. Do you have to pay for shipping? No! All shipping is free for totes that arrive to you and for the items you send back.
  6. What options do you have to pick from? Tops, Pants, Sweaters, Cardigans, Jackets, Dresses, Skirts, Athleisure, Accessories


Sincerely Amy has also been using Le Tote since November and she has given me permission to speak for the both of us! She loves it just as much as I do! Here are our latest Totes for your viewing pleasure. You’ll notice Sincerely Amy went with a warm outfit and I went with a spring look. We can do that because they come so quick we can pick our pieces based on the current weather forecast.


Le Tote has really changed it up for me! I no longer feel like I’m wearing the same thing every week. It has also given me the ability to try styles that I’m not sure about without having to buy those pieces. I get to sport them all day to really know whether or not they work for me. There has only been one item that was a total flop so far but it was because I went way out of my comfort zone with it. Sincerely Amy mentioned one day to me that Le Tote has filled her “need” to buy new clothes because she knows there is always something new coming every week. It has actually SAVED her money!

I hope you try it, if you haven’t already! —Get $25 off your first month HERE!

-Sincerely Amanda

PS – Sincerely Megan is a recent convert and Le Tote lover. Check out some fun pieces she has borrowed:

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