The “Mom Jean” Trend or Timeless Classic?

The “Mom Jean” Trend or Timeless Classic?

What are Mom Jeans? What does that really mean? Are they all really as crazy as those Clear Knee Mom Jeans that created all that buzz on social media? Mom Jeans were catching a lot of attention, and not always positive attention. I decided that I needed to find out what this was all about and get myself some real life mom jeans. In my research, I found that for the most part, mom jeans really just meant high-waisted or high-rise. I was completely unaware of what it really felt like to wear the modern “mom jeans”. I went to my computer, credit card in hand and much to my surprise, a lot of them were sold out! This wasn’t going to be easy! After the shock wore off, I started to order by looking at reviews on multiple sites. My only criteria in picking the jeans was that they had to look like they would be flattering and cost under $100. I was even willing to venture into some different cuts and hems. Here is how it went…

During this process I really started to understand how important it is to know your measurements and know your body. In my case, I am 5’2″, I have a very long torso, short legs, and a curvy lower half. Since both Sincerely Ho-Jung and I are short, it was important to find brands that also came in petite/short. There are millions of high-waisted jeans out there so I’m only going to scratch the surface here. I tried them all on and made Sincerely Him take pictures of me so that you could see the fit of each. All were taken in the same SHIRT (the softest shirt ever), same SHOES (love them), same angle and same awkward pose. I apologize ahead of time for the giant pictures of me but I figured that it didn’t make sense to do this if I didn’t let you really see up close and personal, so… there you have it. Although all the jeans are short/petite in length, this post is not intended to be a petite post. It’s more about the fit and feel, although they are all the same size their fits are slightly different.

American Eagle Outfitters

American Eagle jeans have been getting the nod from lots of fashion bloggers lately. I wanted to see check out why. Here is what I noticed right off the bat: Every jean comes in short, regular, and tall, the prices are great (right now they are BOGO 50% off), free shipping and free returns. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the vast inventory, even for a mom!

VINTAGE HI-RISE JEAN- These have no stretch. I really liked how they fit & felt like they “held it all in.
VINTAGE HI-RISE FLARE – Loved these so much! I felt like I should be tailgating at a concert. They were so soft and comfortable.
HI-RISE SLIM FLARE – These have a stretch to them. Supersoft and very comfortable! Felt like they made me look the curviest out of the three.



I tried Express because I bought what I have been calling my FAVORITE JEANS for the past couple months from there. I loved they way these fit so much I had to check Express for the high waist. Every jean comes in short, regular, and long, also BOGO 50% off, and also free shipping for orders over $50 and free in-store returns.

HIGH WAISTED TWIST SEAM – These are a jean legging. They showed every curve, but held it all in. Tried the trendy hem and I have to say, didn’t hate it.
HIGH WAISTED PERFORMANCE STRETCH JEAN – Definitely felt like a rock star in these but wasn’t sure that was a good thing. I got mixed reviews on these from my family.



These were the only pair I bought in-store, the rest were all online purchases. I did get side tracked quickly by this cork clutch that you see pictured. Sorry…back to jeans. I tried on two pairs, a regular blue denim skinny fit and some WHITE SLIM BOYFRIENDS. The white jeans didn’t make it past the dressing room. They are meant to be looser but even when I sized down two sizes, they gapped in the back. I know this is because of my body shape so I’m sure they are great on the right gal. I loved the feel and they were thick enough that you couldn’t see right through them. (see dressing room pictures below). For those of you that are tall, Brian from my local J.Crew store told me that the best jeans for tall women (his wife is 6’2″) are MADEWELL JEANS. I had no idea that Madewell was a J. Crew Company. I guess that’s something you don’t need to know unless your lucky enough to have legs for days.

HIGHRISE WINDSURFER WASH – I REALLY like these! Definitely have a stretch but not a legging. I have to roll them, but that’s okay.
SLIM BOYFRIEND – Didn’t work out for me. The gap got smaller as I sized down, but still was there. Great fabric and not see through.



Topshop was the creator of the Clear Knee Mom Jeans so I was on a mission to find some mom jeans that were more realistic.  I needed to find some available in petite for my short legs and needed to fall under that $100 mark. I have been wanting to find white crop jeans, so I thought I would give these a try. The length was PERFECT, they run small, and they are a little to see through for me. I wonder if I sized up though, if they would be less see-through and most likely wouldn’t capture all the “imperfections”. I will definitely try this brand in other colors because the petite length fit perfectly.

JAMIE HIGH WAIST – Run small but do have a stretch. The length was perfect!

Jamie High Waist Regular length link HERE.


[Blank NYC]

Sincerely Megan always raves about hers so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to try them out. They even came in a 28 inch inseamwhich is manageable for me (able to cuff when wanted but not too long that they are hanging over my heels). These would fit as an ankle jean for you “regulars” like Sincerely Megan and Sincerely Amy.

DARK BLUE HIGH RISE SKINNY- Loved these, everything about them! There is a stretch to them. I also had to roll because they are a little long on me.


Mid-Rise Comparison

If mid-rise is more your thing. I rounded up some of my favorites too. I will tell you that all of us at Sincerely Us, agree that the high-waisted elongate my leg and cut off my long torso. These are some of my favorites.

Each jean above is linked in the text below:

  1. EXPRESS JEAN LEGGING – Love, Love, Love! Definitely are a legging
  2. BANANA REPUBLIC WHITE SKINNY -Not see through, have a stretch to them
  3. EXPRESS SUPERSOFT BELL FLARE – Very soft and also have a stretch

Shoes, Shirts, and Cork clutch shown in this post:


Shoe color is actually better shown in my pictures above, this color (in picture) is off from the real shoe.

Love these shirts and clutch so much!

Summer’s coming! What about Mom Jean Shorts?

I didn’t have the time or the knowledge to tackle this beast. Good news though! There is a GREAT post by The Motherchic about the best denim mom shorts. It’s a great read with lots of information!

My final thoughts:

After this experience, I will proudly wear mom jeans! I encourage you all to try them if you are a newbie like me. I have a feeling you will be as pleasantly surprised as I was. For me, the jeans with a bit a stretch worked best because I have a smaller waist but curvier bottom. I didn’t get the waist gap with those. I believe a more proportioned figure will do really well in the non-stretch mom jean. Also, for white jeans, it seemed if I went up a size, the see-through issue went away. Worth a try for those that are skeptical of the white jean. Plain and simple…what looks bad on me, may look amazing on you. Every one of us are different and that’s a beautiful thing. Unfortunately in our little town, there were not many stores that carried high-rise jeans. Most of the places had mid-rise a plenty but little or no high-waisted. I had to order online to find the giant Mom Jean World that exists. Fortunately, free returns make that not a bad thing. I was able to hang out in them for a little while around my house and try them on SEVERAL times.

I hope you found this post helpful! For those of you are seasoned Mom Jean wearers, I would LOVE to hear which work best for you. From the rest, what are your thoughts on Mom Jeans in general?

Thanks for reading!

Sincerely Amanda

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