Let’s Go to the Movies

Let’s Go to the Movies

Oscar season is a fun time for me. A close friend and I make it priority to get to the theater and see all of the Best Picture Nominees. If we are lucky, we will also see some of the other films that have nominations for Best Actress, Best Actor, etc. Because life is busy, we have started trying to predict what will be nominated so we can see some of the movies in the fall. It is such a fun season for me because I love the movies, and I don’t always get to the movies other times of the year. More importantly, it is a fun tradition with my friend, and I can’t imagine not ever seeing these movies with her. In our busy lives, we always have this time together. It is so special to me!

“Everything I learned I learned from the movies.” – Audrey Hepburn

Even if you are not an Oscar buff, I have put some tips together for you of what movies might be worth seeing in the theaters or waiting for the rental.  Listed below you will find a quick synopsis and where to catch the movie. And the nominees are…

Arrival – 8 Nominations –  Rental release on February 14th
A spaceship has come to Earth, and leading the investigation is Amy Adams’ character. Are the aliens here for a peaceful interaction, or will global war begin? Check out this movie for a different spin on extraterrestrial invaders.

Fences – 4 Nominations – Still in select theaters/Rental release in March
Denzel Washington stars and directs in this must see film. It is based on a play, and it comes to the big screen in a fantastic manner! Based on a true story, Denzel Washington’s character is an ex-baseball player from the Negro Leagues. The movie takes us through what his life is like now as he no longer has the fame of baseball. Along with Denzel Washington, Viola Davis steals the show as his wife.

Hacksaw Ridge – 6 Nominations – Rental release on February 21st
I will be renting this movie as soon as it is released. I am excited to see what Mel Gibson will be delivering as the director of this film. Based on the true story of Desmond T. Doss, who was a veteran of WWII. He fought in the war without a weapon. Instead, his mission was to save the soldiers.

Hell or High Water – 4 Nominations – Rent it now.
I went into this movie thinking that I wouldn’t really like it, but I loved it! In fact, I can’t say enough good things about it. In this movie, you will root for the bad guys and the good guys! The bad guys, Chris Pine and Ben Foster, are brothers who rob banks, but they believe they have a good reason for doing this. Jeff Bridges and Gil Birmingham are the police who are on a mission to arrest the brothers.

Hidden Figures – 3 Nominations – Still in select theaters/Rental release in April
A must see for the whole family. This movie is PG and is appropriate for all ages. A true story about three women who help to get the space program up and running. They are math geniuses who have to figure out how to safely get the men to and from space. It is an inspiration to all young girls!

La La Land – 14 Nominations – Still in select theaters/Rental release in April
A fun musical about an inspiring actress played by Emma Stone who wants to make it in Hollywood. She continues to run into Ryan Gosling’s character, and from there the two have a wild ride. Sit back and enjoy the singing and dancing. The soundtrack is a must!

Lion – 8 Nominations – Still in select theaters/Rental release in March
Lion is based on a true story of a little boy who was born in India but eventually is adopted by an American Family. We see his struggle as a little boy and then his struggle as a man who is searching for his humble beginnings.

Manchester by the Sea – 6 Nominations – Rental release on February 21st
I am excited to see this movie once it is released on DVD. Casey Affleck’s character, Lee Chandler, is a loner. He works as a handyman in Boston. Due to his brother passing away unexpectedly, Lee Chandler finds himself as the unlikely guardian of his nephew.

Moonlight – 8 Nominations – Still in select theaters/Rental release on February 28th
Moonlight takes us through three stages of  a man’s life (boy, teenager, and adult).  We see his struggle with living in a rough neighborhood and wrangling with a life decision.

What is coming…

For my upcoming posts, we will delve into my predictions for the big show on February 26th. After the Oscars, I will reveal if I had any clue on who would win. Please click on the comments, and share your thoughts or questions about the Oscars or movies in general.

Looking forward to taking you to the movies this month.

To see the full list of nominees, click here.

Sincerely Amy

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