Nordstrom Sale: Hits, Misses, Decisions and Are They Kidding Me

Nordstrom Sale: Hits, Misses, Decisions and Are They Kidding Me

When Sincerely Us was just Amanda, Amy, Ho-Jung and Megan, we would send pictures from our rooms and dressing rooms all the time. I mean, we were solving world problems! You can’t rely on your husband and kids all the time. Especially with useless comments like, “Well, I don’t really know, is that what people are actually wearing now?” Plus some salespeople are suspect. Like the guy at Anthropologie who told me this beautiful dress looked good on me (it did not, but if you have no boobs at all, go for it because it is amazing:

So, in the spirit of the start of Sincerely Us, I present you my Nordstrom Sale round-up, complete with self-deprecating fun. Don’t get mad if I am critical of how things look on me because I could not remortgage my house to buy all of this! Scroll to the end if you want to see the bad stuff. I need help with a few things, my dear village. Feedback please!

Rompers and Jumpsuits… hmmm

These fall under a category of items that I think really look cute on other people. But I needed a cover up for the beach and Sincerely Amanda posted some cute ones from the sale, so I went for it. This is sold out now, but I will be returning the small (I bought in small and medium) if someone wants that! It’s very comfy, but there is something about where the waist falls on me in these things that I’m just not sure about. They make my butt look as long as the face from the creepy guy in Scream. It suits the purpose for a cover-up and I could really care less at the beach, so it’s a keeper. How’s that for a hard sell? The picture is taken in vintage Sincerely Us style, with a reflection complete with stain remover, a hamper, and tons of unfolded laundry on the bed.

This next jumpsuit is very comfy and could be dressed up or down. It’s the perfect weight for summer. But what is happening with the pockets in the bottom left picture? They seem super high. What are your thoughts on this? And be sincere! If you’re a jumpsuit person, I highly recommend this. I may keep it and just stand against a wall the whole time I wear it.

Best t-shirts ever and new favorite jeans

This BP t-shirt is recommended by friends and other bloggers, so I went for it. I can see why Sincerely Amanda wears hers all the time. I am only keeping the gray. The light color ones, while they were not see through, seemed to stick weird on my bra. I mean, who knows. I just need a reason to send some stuff back so allow me to be critical. The t-shirts are $17 and shown in blue feather, black, and pink silver. I’m wearing a small here.

I LOVE these jeans. The size availability keeps switching on Nordstrom, so click here to another wash in all sizes (run true to size). They are soft and just stretchy enough. Once I wash them a few times, they should get a delightful little fringe at the bottom. Or, if you have long jeans at home that you love, just take your scissors to them and voila!

Off the Shoulder with A++ shoes

I have tried the summer trends of white jeans, ruffles, and blush everything and have decided while they are a trend which look great on many people, they are not a trend for me. I am just not comfortable in any of them and there is no reason to go around being uncomfortable just to be current. However, I am digging the off the shoulder thing. I feel like I shouldn’t and can’t keep them all. Which is your favorite? How many off the shoulder tops does one need?

Striped: (different colors and comes in petite as well)

Purple-ish:; Plus sizes (not on sale, but I’ll watch):


I love the fabric of the purple, but feel like it has some blush undertones and we all know how I feel about blush and my pale skin. The purple does come in black, so maybe a double return for the black version of the purple?

On the left and right, I am wearing the cork wedges that have been featured a couple of times on our Facebook page. They have an A+ rating from a teacher who was on her feet for 12 hours. Keeping!

Hooray for free returns

I’m not sure what is happening here at all. We have a picnic on Memorial Day and I like to wear red, white and blue. I figured it would be freezing so I ordered this sweatshirt hoping it would be here in time and I could somehow justify the cost. It wasn’t here, which was fine because I could not walk around in this unless I was going to the patriotic version of Coachella. From far away, I love it. From the inside, I love it (fleece!). However, I am too freaking old to wear a shirt that ties like a preschool art smock. And my 5th grader was also appalled that it was new and had holes in it. I’ll be filing that for later when she wants me to buy her new stuff with holes. Someone younger who doesn’t wear a bra please buy this because it will look amazing on you.

Not for me

La La Land inspired me to own a yellow dress, so I have been looking for one that works for me. This dress is not it. Besides the fact that I didn’t look in the mirror when I tied the sash, that ruffle lays super weird.

Sincerely Amanda and Sincerely Ho-Jung liked the white tank. However this was a hard no from kid #1, Sincerely Him, and me. I don’t like the see through to my stomach (I mean, if I’m wearing this I’m probably eating in public and sitting). Sincerely Amanda suggested a cami, but I don’t like wearing camis under tank tops. If it is hot enough for a tank top, why would I want to wear two layers? No, no, no. Sincerely Amanda and I almost came to blows over this tank. So I’m returning it or she can buy it off of me.

Cross body bag

I have this bag in brown cognac and love love love it. It is the perfect size for everything, just like Mary Poppins’ bag. Typically I throw a Swell bottle, my wallet, keys and phone in there and it doesn’t seem that big. I ordered the sale one in gray, but that’s not here yet. I thought I would try this one in dusty rose so I could accessorize with blush since I don’t like wearing it. But the real life color (top) was different from the online color (bottom). It’s not bad, but it’s not the color I was looking for so it’s going back.

Well that’s a wrap on my Nordstrom Sale experience for now. Get ordering if you want to try things out because it ends June 4th. Remember, the look that suits you is the one that makes you feel most comfortable! Just because I don’t like something on me doesn’t mean you won’t look rock star, so give it a try. The great thing about this sale is that returns are free and easy, so I grabbed some things outside my comfort zone (rompers and jumpers) and gave them a whirl. I’m still on the fence, but it might be because it is so different for me. What are your thoughts on the rompers and off shoulder shirts? Did you get anything great at the Nordstrom sale?

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