Oscar Wrap Up

Oscar Wrap Up

Oscar night came and went, but boy, did it make an everlasting memory! Just like the Super Bowl, hopefully, you made it until the end to see the twist. Both of these events this year had the surprise ending that makes for great TV. What is now being dubbed the envelopegate caused for quite the stir at such a late hour.

If for some reason you have missed the show or the news, La La Land was announced as the winner for Best Picture. This was expected since everyone predicted it to win. As the producers were making their speeches, suddenly there was a lot of movement on stage. Before long, Moonlight was being announced as the real winner.

In all of this, I think it is important not to blame the presenters. They were given the Best Actress card which had just been announced. Warren Beatty fumbled around for a minute because he knew something was wrong. After showing it to Faye Dunaway, she quickly read the movie that was on the card although it did read “Best Actress Emma Stone in La La Land“. After this debacle, the producers of La La Land were gracious in their loss, and congratulated the Moonlight producers. The end result was a lesson for all in humility, and everyone makes mistakes even accountants who promised the world that these issues never happen. Never say never! Check out the video here.

It’s a Wrap

As for the rest of the show, I enjoyed it in my Oscar attire consisting of sweats and a t-shirt. I love to critique the dresses. However, I want to be comfortable when doing so! This year’s winner was Nicole Kidman. The dress was a perfect fit for her, and she wore it best. Along with the attire of the evening, I can’t go without mentioning Justin Timberlake’s performance which I literally clapped after it was over while snuggled on my couch.  Check it out here if you missed it or just need to see it again.

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In the end, I had 13/24 correct, which did win me the lovely trophy I’m holding above (as close to an Oscar as I will ever get). However,  I didn’t do as well as I had hoped. Moonlight’s win was just as shocking for me as it was for the producers of La La Land. When I vote, I try to vote like the Academy not how I feel. If I were the Academy, I would have picked Hidden Figures or Lion as Best Picture. Sadly, I had a feeling neither of them would win. I did give a shout out  and voted for Hidden Figures for Best Original Screenplay, but it didn’t help my final tally.

Regardless of who wins, it is a fun show to watch. It is proof that no one really knows what the outcome will be until the presenters say, “And the winner is…”

Time for Movie Night

Remember, the show may be over, but you can still see the movies. Click here to view my first post which has the descriptions of them all. There were great movies this year so take advantage of this list to start planning your next movie night. Please comment below with what you thought of the show, the winners, the dresses, or anything Oscars.

Sincerely Amy