Ruffle Some Feathers

Ruffle Some Feathers

I have always loved to people-watch but recently have caught myself people-watching for style ideas. I have begun to notice things that I once thought were either fashion no-no’s or too funky for me, but surprisingly my eyes have been opened to appreciate what I’m seeing! Maybe it’s because I’m seeing these things on real people in my real life. Sincerely Megan posted in our first week about her feelings on wearing black and navy. It kind of made her twitch, but I have learned to really like it! For the first time in my life, I am at the point where I willing to put at least a toe outside of my regular style box. Maybe even ruffle a few feathers a long the way! So far, it’s been fun! I’m definitely on chapter one of this journey but excited to explore in it. Here is where I have begun…

Socks with Booties

Recently, I noticed a girl wearing jeans cuffed and a pair of great booties with some cute patterned socks peeking out! I was like, Hold up! I thought you had to wear no-show socks?!  But, I loved the way it looked! When I tried it myself this winter, I noticed that my ankles were also warm and toasty! Double bonus!

Warm ankles peeking outside of my splurge booties (BEST Christmas present!)

These booties are the most favorite pair of shoes I have ever owned.  I asked for them for Christmas this year because they are splurge item for me. I rarely spend more than $40 on shoes. But these are worth it! They really are! The socks came in a three pack from Old Navy. I think they are so cute! Why hide them?

Sleeveless shirt over long sleeves

This is another people-watching find! A friend of mine wore a sleeveless shirt over a long sleeve shirt the other day. It looked so cute. I had noticed something similar a few weeks ago, but with a spaghetti strap tank and a bell sleeved long-sleeved shirt. In both occasions I thought, what a great way to wear your stuff all year round, but is it going to look weird on me? I tried it and I must say, I kind of dig it! It turns out it’s also a great way to transition into the spring season.

Spring is ALMOST here!

I found this tank top at a small boutique a few years ago, this cream colored long sleeved shirt on sale at Loft (similar one here), and the necklace on clearance from NY& Co. (similar ones here).

Now that I may have truly ruffled some feathers…LET’S TALK RUFFLES! I have learned on my little journey that I LOVE everything with ruffles for this spring! Floral patterns and Ruffles are two things that I haven’t gravitated towards in the past but as you can see, people can change. I am drawn to the ruffle more than anything I have seen and I’m so excited to find some pieces to add to my wardrobe.  Here is what I have found while browsing to share with you (Click on pictures to check them out in more detail):

Xhilaration Women’s Ruffle Top
BP. Ruffle Front Tee
Shein Women’s Striped Blouse
Women’s Soprano Ruffle Tee
Relaxed Peplum-Hem Top
Asymmetrical Ruffle Top (GREAT PRICE)-This one is on it’s way to me in pink. Can’t wait!

Then it was time to Ruffle through TJ Maxx

I ran into TJ Maxx over the weekend and grabbed everything I could find in a 15 minute window that had ruffles on it to prove to myself that I could ruffle it up locally at affordable prices. The prices ranged from $9.99 to $29.99. Some of these pieces I like a lot, some not so much.  A camera and a sister (Sincerely Amy) made it possible to show you how they looked. I really wanted to LOVE the pink sweatshirt on bottom right (this was the $29.99 piece), but in the end I felt like I was wearing a tree skirt. The ruffle goes around the front and back of the shirt.  Maybe if it was a different material (Soprano Ruffle Top), it would seal the deal for me. For now, that one definitely goes back.  After this speedy TJ Maxx shopping adventure, I learned that all ruffles don’t “wow” me once they are on but overall I’m still in love with the trend.  I’m determined to find the piece that is going to make me fall head over heals.

I think the moral of the story is that it’s okay to “ruffle your feathers” from time to time. It’s okay to go out of your comfort zone by showing some socks, playing with out of season layering, and trying on a tree skirt from time to time. It may surprise you and it will definitely help liven up your wardrobe. On days where you need a pick-me-up, a funky piece may be exactly what you need to get going for the day.

Let me know what you think of all of this. You won’t hurt my feelings if you hate it all. More importantly, share with me some “outside the box” things you have tried with fashion. I’m all ears and definitely willing to try it out!

Sincerely Amanda

P.S. If you want to go back to read about Sincerely Megan’s thoughts on black and navy check out her post here:  Also, check us out on Bloglovin

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