Sincerely Us… What’s that?

Sincerely Us… What’s that?

It started as a Facebook chat of mostly nonsense but turned into an outlet to share thoughts, ideas, fashion finds, workouts and lifestyle hacks. The conversations have always been real (real as in authentic and “Are you for real?“) which is how we came up with the name, Sincerely Us. Our plates are full, probably too full, but there is always room for dessert, right? We wanted something sweet and fun to brighten up the day and distract us from it all.

    Yes, we know there are bigger issues than finding white pants that aren’t see through and scarfs that are too bulky. We could all use our time to be more productive in our everyday life. Well, we know we all say we want to be more productive but it’s so much more fun not to be. Our fashion steals, random tips, and life journeys will be here to make your internet experience what is was intended to be — a delightful journey in time-sucking fun. We think you will leave here fired up but fired up about trying a new pair of shoes, training for a race you didn’t think was possible, or implementing a new life hack that makes things easier.

    So sit back, and let’s enjoy dessert together! Each of us will take turns writing and sometimes we will write together. Generally you’ll get a blog post once a week.  Don’t worry, we are very active on social media and will share deals you can’t miss or just fun randomness often!

    Sincerely Us

    Amy, Amanda, Ho-Jung, and Megan

    P.S. Meet the ladies behind Sincerely Us in the About Us section of our blog.

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