Stitch Fix is the new Fairy Godmother

Stitch Fix is the new Fairy Godmother

Note: If you are trying out the current “no styling fee” promotion, you must schedule your fix within 30 days of signing up. If you have signed up before and haven’t pulled the trigger, you will need to use a different e-mail address and set up a new account. Follow this link for the no-risk deal: My fixes are scheduled “on demand,” so I don’t have a monthly or quarterly unexpected fee.

What is Stitch Fix?

It is an on-demand (how we roll at Sincerely Us) or subscription personal shopping experience for women and men. I don’t know about you, but I do the majority of the clothing shopping for everyone in my house. Sometimes I want to have a personal shopper too. It is exciting to come home to a package from my fairy godmother with 5 things picked especially for me. Bringing the package in the house really helps drown out the other boring mail (Yes, the car registration renewal is somewhere. No, I don’t know where it is).

I love Stitch Fix because it makes me try things I would never reach for in a store, often with a positive result. The shirt in this picture is a perfect example.

Note: I would have reached for this wine without much hesitation.

How does it work?

When you schedule your first “fix” you fill out a quiz based on your style and pricing preferences, then enter your sizes and any special requests and you are off to the races. Stitch Fix sends you a combination of 5 clothing items, accessories, and shoes to try on at home with your own mirrors and accessories.

Once you open the magical box, try everything on even if you think it is hideous or too $$$. You will love things you thought you would hate and vice versa. Add your own favorite jeans, shoes, and jewelry to know how you would really wear it. If a piece is too expensive, try it on because you may find you like that style and be more likely to reach for it at TJMaxx. Another good reason to try on the goods is because you give them feedback on everything when you check out. If you try the service again, they will know you don’t like floral prints or that a certain brand was too big or small. When you have tried everything on and made your decisions, go online or through the Stitch Fix app to checkout. Then simply keep the items you want and return the rest in a postage paid envelope.

Stitch Fix tops I would have never reached for in a store. Sorry about the poor ironing on the white one. Tired, tired, tired. The white one looks great with a blazer or cardigan. The one on the right is one of my favorite tops!

Some other good tips:

  • When you write your stylist her note, avoid words like no/don’t/not. If you say, “No white jeans,” you may just end up with them. Since part of this is computer wizardry, those negative words tend to get ignored. Say “I want blue denims” instead.
  • There is a stylist on the other end as well and she sends you a nice little note and style card. 
  • Uncheck the box that says something like “make my life easier by scheduling automatic fixes” in order to make your account on demand only. I hate when I sign up to try things and then I have to remember to cancel. This way, you won’t have to! You will literally spend nothing even if you don’t like a thing they send. There is no membership fee and subscriptions are optional.
  • There are tons of Pinterest boards for this and you can create your own full of pieces you like to share with your real-life stylist.
  • If you keep all 5 items, you get 25% off. Some people will keep 5 even if they like 3 or 4, then sell the rest in Facebook groups.
  • You will have to enter your credit card info in case you run off to Fiji with their clothes without checking out.
  • The styling fee is $20 and is normally charged when your fix ships (but now new customers have their styling fee waived by clicking here!).  When a styling fee is applied in future fixes, it is waived with any purchase. I usually request an accessory like a necklace so I don’t loose the styling fee even if I don’t keep a clothing item.
  • Stitch Fix is partnering with Goodwill. You can fill the box they send you with any clothes or household items you don’t want anymore, print out a shipping label at, and drop it in the mail.
  • Stitch Fix currently carries women’s sizes XS-3X and 0-24W and men’s sizes XS-XXL, Men’s fixes are new this year as well. Petite and maternity lines are also offered.

Click here for your no-styling fee fix! This is a great way to try this service out, and if you like something, you already get $25 off the item price! Sincerely Ho-Jung and I both have a fix on the way and one of the Misters is trying it for the first time. Sincerely Ho-Jung’s is a “vacation fix” so it will be fun to see some of the new summer styles. We will be sure to share our favorite pieces when they get here. If you try it, be sure to let us know what you like!

Do you want us to try another “fairy godmother” service? Let us know in the comments!

Sincerely Megan