Stitch Fix is the new Fairy Godmother

NOTE: The free promotion has ended since this post was published. You can still try Stitch Fix by following this link: The styling fee is $20, and if you keep something, the $20 is applied to your purchase. Free return shipping in postage paid envelope! The word EXPIRED has replaced the old link in the post. It will be replaced if the deal ever comes along again!

Try Stitch Fix TOTALLY free! This is the first time I’ve seen this deal, so you must take advantage. I wasn’t planning on blogging about Stitch Fix until my next fix came, but this bargain was too good not to share. So, I begrudgingly changed out of my PJs at 10 PM on a Friday night and into tank tops for headless pictures to tell you all about it. You’re welcome! Read on to learn more, or skip it and just follow this link for a $25 credit: EXPIRED

What is Stitch Fix?

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5 Things I Love

Valentine’s Day week is here. It’s not a holiday I’m particularly in love with as it really seems like just more “stuff” I have to do — 1) buy valentines for school, 2) hide under a blanket eating my kids candy and 3) pick up all the kids’ valentines in their bedrooms and pitch them. That last part usually doesn’t happen until April when I’m sick of walking on them, but you can bet I nail that second item down by 3:21 pm on the 14th. I’m not a particularly mushy person, but there are some things I love at this particular moment in time that I wanted to share with you. Disclosure: Of course I love my husband and family, but this blog is our escape time so they don’t make this list.

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