Many Thanks to the Tank

Many Thanks to the Tank

I have exercised more in the last year than in my whole life, and I am definitely learning more about me! I now know that I need accountability to keep me on track. One way I do that is to sign up for races so I have to train for them. The race registration is my “gym membership”.  Another way is that I hang my training calendar on the refrigerator. This really helps me because I love to cross off a run that I have completed. By having it on the refrigerator, I am reminded of it every day. For instance, a few weeks ago I really didn’t want to run 45 minutes. In fact, stopping at 30 minutes sounded amazing! However, knowing that I couldn’t cross off that day of running kept me going when I really wanted to stop.

My training calendar hanging on the refrigerator

Another thing I have learned about myself is that I really don’t sweat a lot while running. It is when I stop that I begin to sweat, and boy, do I sweat! The problem with sweating is that my body is cooling down so fast, and I become very cold. Anyone who knows me knows that I am cold even on a summer’s day! I am the one who brings a sweater with me no matter what month it is, and yes, I am wrapped in a blanket even in July when the air is on. So, when I became cold after a long run, my body couldn’t compensate for it. This became a major problem when I started running more frequently.

What to do? 

As I finished a run and began cooling down, I started shivering. At one point, I was shaking so hard that my husband thought I was having a seizure. I was a mess! Talking it over with Sincerely Amanda, she thought it might be the fact that my clothes were collecting the sweat and keeping it against my skin. She suggested I try some dry fit clothes as most of my running shirts were cotton shirts from previous races.

Looking on Amazon (the one place you can shop that has EVERYTHING), she suggested I try the Neleus Comprehension Base Layer Dry Fit Tank Top. For 3 tank tops, the price was just right at $20.59. Arriving two days later, I was able to try one. The first time I wore the tank top, it was a little chilly outside so I wore it as a base layer. I couldn’t believe it. It kept all of the sweat away from my skin. I went from shaking so horribly to not shaking at all after a run!

Tank Tops on Amazon –

These tanks are perfect for the layered look but can also be worn by themselves. In addition, I now wear them when I am going to be outside in the heat for a long period of time but don’t want the sweaty look. Who wants to be dressed nicely but have those awful sweat stains soaking through on the back of a nice shirt?! By wearing this tank as a base layer, I stay dry and my nice shirt overtop of it also stays dry.

With these tanks less than $7 a piece, they are a steal. I love all of the different uses I have for them, but most of all, I am so happy to finally be rid of the awful shaking once I am finished exercising!

Check out the tank tops here –

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Please share your go-to item is for exercising.

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