The Fix is in!

The Fix is in!

Note: Stitch Fix is currently running another “no styling fee” promo! New customers can click here to have their styling fee waived when they schedule their first fix within 30 days of signing up. If you have signed up before but didn’t go through with scheduling your fix, you will need to set up a new account with a new e-mail to get this deal. Read on to learn about 4 different fixes and customer thoughts!

Sincerely Megan’s Fix

My fix came a little earlier than expected, but no complaints! I haven’t had one for a while, and I as happy as Moonlight at the Oscars to see my package on the doorstep. I received a dress, jacket, tank, and 2 shirts. Along with the goods, I received a style card, which comes in every box. The card gives outfit suggestions and has a personalized note:

 I loved the jacket and the 2 long sleeve shirts. I had a tank similar to the royal blue one they sent and the dress made me look like I was waddling out of the hospital after giving birth, ice pack underwear and all. Definite no. I ended up keeping the faux leather detail blouse in black and navy (weird coincidence!).
Navy top with black leather detail. Watch out Rizzo.

I would have kept the cold shoulder blouse, but it was a little sheer and when paired with the strapless bra problem, it just seemed high maintenance. I was also a big fan of the cargo jacket, but I have a green one from TJ Maxx, so that seemed silly to keep. I tried to pawn that off on my SIL, and she is now having non-buyers remorse. Unfortunately for her, they make returns very easy so that ship has sailed.

Sincerely Him’s Fix

My Sincerely Him got his first fix. Without trying it on, I think he could have kept it all. He received a cardigan, blue blazer, 2 button downs, and his favorite brand of jeans (which is saying a lot for a guy who only owns one pair). He refused to try one shirt on because, “it looks like some faded out shirt my college roommate wore in the 90s.” I didn’t get that vibe, but ok. He loved the navy blazer, but it didn’t fit well enough to be a keeper. It was cut in a very Jimmy Fallon way and I was digging it. Alas. He liked the cardigan, but had a similar one, so that went back. He kept the jeans (yay! 2 pairs!) and a button down shirt. The button down was a real departure from his style… the blue and white pinstripes went horizontal instead of vertical. Risk taker! I’m excited they sent the jeans because even though they were his favorite brand, it was a cut he would not have tried on in the store. But, since they were here he gave them a whirl and it was love. Here is his loot:
I filled out his style profile for him, so maybe we could have avoided the Zack Morris shirt if he had filled it out. Lesson learned!

Jennifer and Dan’s fixes

I also had a couple take advantage of the deal ordering a stitch for each of them. Dan received very different stuff than Sincerely Him, so it’s safe to say that the style profile means something.

The couple that fixes together, stays together!

Here is Jennifer’s review of Stitch Fix:

I had been wanting to try SF for a long time and was excited to see the opportunity that Megan had posted. I liked the process of going through the profile and took Megan’s advice and really focused on what I liked and worked for my body type instead of styles I wish I liked.

When my box arrived I was so excited and upon opening it the excitement continued! I loved almost every single thing in the box! My five pieces included an open hooded cardigan, two shirts, jeans and shoes. The jeans fit amazingly well, which is always a struggle for me. The cardigan is so warm and comfy, but stylish. The first shirt I loved and is something I would have picked out for myself. The shoes were fun but sadly too big. The last shirt was a miss, but 4 out of 5 for my first try was great.

I had requested that whatever they sent be stylish but functional as well since I have 4 children I need to be able to move easily. I felt like the stylist really paid attention to that and did a great job. I will definitely do it again. I’m trying to convince all my friends to try it! I may even get a gift card for my mom’s birthday. Just because she will be 70 doesn’t mean she shouldn’t look great!

Dan had a slightly different experience. His profile set up followed a different pattern and was a bit more ambiguous making it more difficult to really push his style through.

When his box arrived he was underwhelmed. The five items he received were a zip up hoodie, a grey short sleeved Henley, a blue button down, a blue polo shirt, and white pants. He really liked the hoodie. He would likely wear the Henley and button down. The polo shirt and white pants were a definite miss. I think some of the difficulty was that he tends to be a bit of a chameleon when it comes to clothing. He has one style for work, one for everyday, and one for going out (on the rare occasion), so the profile set up for the men made it a little more challenging to chose his style. I think next time he could be more specific about what he wants and that would help the stylist get closer to his desired items.

Overall we really liked stitch fix and will use it again! The website is easy to use and the shipping time was fast. I can’t wait to get my next box!

Christie’s Fix

Christie had been wanting to try Stitch Fix for a while, and this was a perfect opportunity to take the plunge. Here’s what she got!


Overall, I loved the packaging (I wish I had taken a photo before opening!) and quick delivery – it arrived 2 days before scheduled. It felt like I was opening a present as I unwrapped everything.
  •  My immediate favorite was the Abrianna Cardigan.  I love the color and also how it’s lightweight enough to wear for work even in the summer when it’s hot outside and frigid in my office. I also like how it’s fitted at the top so it doesn’t look frumpy and shapeless. It is a little long for me, but it looked good with the skinny jeans. It matches several tops I already own, so I wore it to work the day after my box arrived.  The only drawback (that I noticed after wearing it all day) – the tag says hand wash and lay flat to dry. Not a huge fan of the handwashing.
  •  Next up was the Eileen Honeycomb tank. I didn’t love it on first glance, but I thought the details of the back zipper and the pop of aqua on the shoulders were interesting. When I tried it on with the Skinny Jeans and cardigan, I was in love. I think the tank is very versatile, either layered or on it’s own. I am about 95% sure I’m going to keep it. 
  •  The Dayna Skinny jeans fit really well through my waist, hips and legs and I like the color, but they are about 4-5 inches too long (and they’re the short length!) They’re a heavy enough denim that rolling and tucking them into boots won’t really be comfortable. If they were a little less $$ I might consider keeping them and hemming them myself, but I don’t want to take the chance of ruining $88 jeans, so they’re going back reluctantly. I’ll be looking for something similar locally because this is what my wardrobe is missing!
  •  At first I didn’t love the look of the Livi dress, but I had vowed I’d try everything on, so I did. It fits really well, it’s not too long, and I love the way it moves when I walk. I tried it with heeled sandals and also with leggings and short boots.  It was cute both ways. I’m really torn about this one – the floral pattern isn’t really me, but I do like the way it fits and moves. Up in the air on this one…
  • The earrings were wrapped separately from the clothes. I really like the style and shape, but the silver is a too shiny and I think it makes them look cheap. I will be sending them back.
I’m excited at the feedback I have heard from everyone. I always hold my breath when I recommend something to someone hoping it works out. I think these were generally successes. While a 5/5 box would be great because you get a 25% discount, I think they are rare. How many times do you go into a dressing room with 5 items and buy all 5? For me, the fun in Stitch Fix is having someone else do the work of shopping, getting mail, and being able to try things on at home. The top I kept is one I never would have even tried on in a store, but I love it!

If you missed Sincerely Megan’s first post on Stitch Fix and want to learn more, check it out here.

Have you tried Stitch Fix or another clothing subscription service? Have any help for Christie on what she should keep and what should go back? Let us know in the comments!

– Sincerely Megan