Tips from the Hair Chair – part one

Tips from the Hair Chair – part one

We all know the feeling. Your stylist turns you around in the chair to look at your new style and you think… “My hair looks amazing and it will never look like this again.” Hair stylists make it look so easy, which is the problem with all professionals! I have been lucky that my stylist, Erin Vroman of Erin Vroman Hair Studio, has always taken the time to really educate me on my hair. I feel so fortunate to be able to get up from her chair knowing that I can pretty much replicate her work, that is, when my hair not rocking the unbrushed ponytail look.

This was going to be a one-part post, but as I told you, my girl likes to empower people. She gave me so much wisdom that this is a two-parter. This means twice the knowledge and twice the chances to win this AMAZING GIVEAWAY! That’s right, Erin has donated a prize package of all of the products she used when styling my hair ($75 value).  Check out what one lucky reader will be winning:

Nevo intense therapy leave-in treatment, Moroccan Oil luminous hairspray, Puff Me, Do It Up goat milk pomade, Color trak alligator clips

To win this styling spread, you must do 2 things: 1) “Like” Erin Vroman Hair Studio on Facebook and 2) comment below on this blog post that you did so. A winner will be picked on Friday, May 5, 2017. You’ll get a second chance to win later this week when the conclusion to this piece comes out.

Today, we are covering wash and prep, hot tools (no, not your college boyfriend), and some other random nuggets.  On Wednesday, we will talk about drying, styling, and all the notes I am having trouble deciphering right now.

The Wash

Few things are as relaxing as having someone else wash your hair. When the water is just right, the product smells amazing, and the stylist is doing that magical scratchy rub in the shampoo thing. Ahhhhh. Part of fresh-from-the-salon-hair starts with the wash and this is something that is easy to replicate at home.

  1. After shampooing your hair, squeeze out excess water with your hands.
  2. Take your towel and soak additional water out of your hair (have your towel easily accessible in the shower, unless you have an in-home stylist).
  3. Apply leave-in conditioner to towel dried hair (to the ponytail area, not the root, and brush it through for even distribution). Erin stated if you are only going to buy one styling product, a multi-purpose leave-in conditioner is the one you want. Find one that has a heat protector in it — this is a must! She uses Nevo intense therapy leave-in treatment, and after this session, so do I! 

Why the towel? When you put water on your hair, it fills in the cuticle, or shell if you will, of your hair. You need to get that water out of there before conditioning so the conditioner has room to go into the cuticle of the hair and do its thing.

As far as shampoo and conditioner, Erin recommends selecting a shampoo and conditioner that is right for the needs of your hair. Colored treated hair needs some extra lovin’.  She is currently digging the Matrix R.A.W. series. I am a big fan of the R+Co product line. Currently, I have the Gemstone shampoo and conditioner. They are made with essential oils so they smell amazing and have a lot of the styling product built right into the shampoo and conditioner, saving steps. If you are local, you can go smell the R+Co and pick your favorite at Mood Swings Salon.

R+Co and Matrix R.A.W. products

The Tools

A big takeaway from the session was this: IF YOU OWN ANY HEATING TOOLS THAT ARE OVER 5 YEARS OLD, REPLACE THEM. All hot tools have been updated to the best technology to keep hair in tact, so if your hair is frizzy or dry, look first to your tools. If you are investing in your hair (color, style, cuts), you need to invest in the tools. Think of it as having a nice car and filling it with a sand and gas mixture to save money. It’s just not going to work. I own this Rusk hair dryer. I have a lot of hair and I find it dries it way faster than my old hair dryer. This means less heat exposure and less damage. For curling and flat irons, Erin and I both like the BaByliss line. My favorite curling iron is this one from them.

It should take you no more than 2 passes to straighten a section of your hair with a flat iron. If it takes than that, you are burning your hair. The section of hair you are working with should be a 1/2″-3/4″ thick, so try and adjust that first. If it still takes more than 2 tries, it’s time for a new tool. When straightening, it’s ok to have tension at the root because that hair is the healthiest. As you pull down the section of hair, release the tension because the closer you get to the ends, the more the hair is affected by heat. Also, blondes and people with processed hair should ease up on the tension as well. Don’t take your aggression out on your lovely locks people!

Other Nuggets of Erin Wisdom

  1. Move your pony, ladies and gents. You want that rubber band in different spots to avoid breakage. Also look into the invisibobble which doesn’t leave a ring or break hairs.
  2. Remember earlier when we talked about the cuticle of the hair? Me neither, but inside the cuticle is the cortex (aren’t we learning so much? Time for trivia night!). Coconut oil is the only thing that penetrates to the cortex of the hair. To condition dry hair, apply unrefined, virgin coconut oil for 30 minutes to overnight. There are a lot of mask products on the market to moisturize that penetrate the cuticle and fill that in. Once it is removed, it’s business as usual, like a real mask.
  3. Want to cover some weird gray hair that is clearly a lighting issue and obviously not your actual hair? Use a creme eye shadow, applied with eye shadow brushes. You can also spray some hairspray on and use a powdered eye shadow.

That’s all we have time for today readers. Don’t forget to enter to win the prize package that Erin generously donated by liking her Facebook page (Erin Vroman Hair Studio) AND commenting below that you liked it. Go ahead and subscribe to the blog while you’re here so you are eligible for the $100 gift card giveaway. Until Wednesday, happy towel drying and move that ponytail!

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