Vintage Our Way

Vintage Our Way

As the great American Philosopher and part time comedian Seinfeld once said “Men wear their underwear until it absolutely disintegrates. Men hang on to underwear until each individual underwear molecule is so strained it can barely retain the properties of a solid. It actually becomes underwear vapor. We don’t even throw it out, we just open a window and it goes out like dandelion spoors.”

While the ladies of Sincerely Us share their latest fashion thoughts, the men of the Sincerely Us thought it would be interesting to reveal some of our more “timeless” looks.

What defines timeless?  These are the protected, endangered species of our wardrobes that have escaped their inevitable fate of the Goodwill pile or the doom of serving as a dust rag for over at least a decade. As these items stumble from their deep hibernated slumbers of the bottom left drawer and we slide them on, fitting a bit more snugly each time, a warm comfortable feeling comes over us even though we know we are destined to receive the “you wearing that old thing again” look. These items live on, much like the endangered Ghost Frog and Hooded Seal — a bit ugly to the uninformed eye, but still lovable to us.

Sincerely Amanda, que the old school music, because here come our throwback hits:

Mr. Sincerely Megan loves his Mud Hen t-shirts that date to the early ’90s


Mr. Sincerely Ho-Jung can’t let go of summer ’98.


Mr. Sincerely Amy can’t get enough of the “Dublin Up” shirt from St Patrick’s Day too many years ago. This is when Rolling Rock was still it’s own brewery.


Mr. Sincerely Amanda will never let go of these basketball shorts from the late ’90s. They are worn daily and have not worn out their welcome.

While this phenomenon generally skews male, all of the Sincerely Us ladies have that special item that they just can’t quit.

Sincerely Megan and her ski team shirt (circa 1989). Holes included. A little see through, but a lot of love.


Sincerely Amanda’s shirt was probably stolen from Sincerely Amy (her sister). They believe it dates back to the early ’90s. It’s so soft, the holes don’t matter!


At 22 years of age, Sincerely Ho-Jung has the newest old shirt of SU ladies. She still wears it with pride.


Look closely, and you will see Georgetown written on Sincerely Amy’s shirt. This VERY faded t-shirt is so comfortable that Sincerely Amanda tried to steal this one too! (circa ’94)


Tell us about a piece of clothing you just can’t part with in the comments below.

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