Can a leotard be professional?

Can a leotard be professional?

Leotard? Professional? What the heck am I talking about? Don’t be afraid, keep reading

First, its hard to believe this is me below. See the progression of the professional athlete? (Ha Ha!!!) The one on the far right is me in high school. Don’t let the tape fool you. Yes, I got hurt, but not because I did a triple layout with an amazing stick landing that ended in a gold medal. I probably just ran into the horse or something. Up until a few weeks ago, I thought that picture on the far right was last time I would be photographed in a leotard.

I was wrong…

(Photo cred goes to Sincerely Amy and she gets some cred for patience too)

Sadly, I was sweating like crazy after only a few attempts to capture me mid cartwheel

I know what your thinking? This doesn’t LOOK like a leotard! This is why we need to back track a little.

During this blogging journey, I have learned that dressing your body correctly is different for everyone. In my case, I have a very long torso and very short legs. Not kidding, I think my torso and legs are the same length. I have never measured them to compare but I really think it’s legit. Tucking in a shirt and wearing higher waisted pants, gives a slight elusion that I have longer legs and shorter torso. So, I have embraced the shirt tuck. This is no different for work. I love a good old button down but have found that this happens…

I was over it! So, now rather than having my hands continuously along my waistline shoving my shirt tails down…I introduce to you….WHAT I CALL…(drum roll please)…THE


Thank you Express! You officially have made me so happy! Not only does it stay put, it’s comfortable (yes even on the bottom). There are onsie-like snaps so you can do your business without having to rip the whole thing off. I know what your thinking…adults don’t wear onsies! Ladies, now we do! The shirt part itself is super soft too and lays nicely everywhere. I just love it! I ordered two and they are not going back.

I played around with styling and think these “leotards” will be great not only for work but dressed down too.

I think it’s time for you all to get yourself a work leotard!

Shop the post:

ALSO…(click on my favorite sweater options below to add to the look)

Hinge Cardigan (keeps selling out but keep watching)

Cotton Caryn Shell


Thank you for reading about my ”leotard”. If you have gotten this far into the post, please let me know in the comments below if you are going to try it or if you have any questions.

Keep in mind, you will be able to get free shipping and you can return to the store for free. Sometimes trying on pieces like these are so much better in the privacy of your own home. If you want to try a cartwheel to test it out please seek the advise of a professional beforehand. Now I’m off the hook if you hurt youself. HA! Bye for now…

Sincerely Amanda


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